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The "Basile-D'Aleo" Institute (upper school), has six specializations: humanities, scientific, technological, arts, agriculture and rural development (professional), agrarian technical institute. They are located in the municipalities of Monreale, San Giuseppe Jato, and San Cipirello. The first is a town near the city of Palermo, it is famous for its cathedral titled UNESCO and byzantine mosaics, while the other two small towns,are located in the core of the Jato Valley, a rural area titled by its river (the Jato river) and its famous archeological area (the ancient city of Ietas). Here, you can find good typical local food, farms, countryside, and good hospitality. The Head Quarters of our Institute is sited in Monreale within the arts high school. Our Institute represents the identity of these territories, and at the same time, it is element of continuity between local traditions and social-cultural innovations coming from Europe, and Mediterranean area. Our experience about the projects at national and international level is very wide, in fact we have a long list of activities in our area of specialization. The most important activities regard projects supported by national funding (Italian NOP-ERDF). They concern: social inclusion, digital environments, scholastic dispersion, and topics linked toward scientific activities. Our partners (firms) represent our advantage on projects, networks, and rural/industrial activities. They contribute to develop with us several projects, in particular way, in the environmental sector (water, earth, air, and flora considering the rural area of the Jato Valley) and the transformation of local products like cheese, wine, and oil. The umanities and arts school develop social and cultural projects, and at the same time, they collaborate with municipalities and cultural organization to promote topics closely related with their specialization. 

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